Pre-Owned Pianos

We offer Beautiful used pianos to fit almost every budget, and we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. Master piano technician Dan Skelley personally inspects, regulates, and voices every piano we offer as pre-owned. Reconditioning and restoration is performed when needed, resulting in a piano that plays and sounds as beautiful as it looks. Most Skelley pre-owned pianos come with a 5 year warranty, matching bench, and free in-home tuning.

Kawai Console - $2,950

43.5 inch Kawai Console in a beautiful light satin walnut finish.

  • Solid Spruce soundboard
  • Kawai action, keys and hammers
  • 43.5 inches
  • Made in 1990

includes matching bench, Skelley Piano 5 year warranty, free in home tuning

Beautifully restored 1906 Steinway Model O for sale - SOLD:

  1. Impeccable high gloss ebony finish
  2. Restored and refinished sound board
  3. Restrung with new pinblock and German Rouslau Strings
  4. New Bridge caps, hitch pins and bridge pins
  5. Complete Action Restoration with Weickert felt Ronsen Hammers, Able Shanks and Flanges, and Wessel Nichol Gross Whippens
  6. Action is newly re balanced with Custom Action Leverage Design by Dan Skelley
  7. New Key tops including customized spruce side veneer inserts.
  8. New back action including all new damper felt and damper under levers
  9. Refinishing and sound board work by

Wurlitzer Spinet - Just $995! - SOLD

Built in 1948, the restored cabinet on this instrument was made by artisans of a bygone era, and it shows in the details of their hand carved work.

Piano comes with a 5 year warranty, matching bench, and free in home tuning.

The perfect entry piano for that aspiring young student.

Baldwin Hamilton 45" studio upright, made in 1994 - $2300! - SOLD

  • beautiful finish
  • tuned, regulated, and voiced
  • The Hamilton is one of the most, if not the most, common pianos in music schools across America.
  • includes matching bench
  • 5-year warranty
  • bold, beautiful sound
  • perfect for an aspiring young pianist

Beautiful Blonde Art Deco Baldwin Acrosonic - SOLD

Made is 1949, this piano has a reconditioned finish, and comes with a matching bench, a free in home tuning and a 5 year warranty. The Baldwin Acrosonic was and still is a very popular piano style throughout America. It's a smaller piano but with a surprisingly big sound. On sale for just $1,295!

Kawai Full Size 51 1/2 inch Upright - $3,850! - SOLD

Kawai full size 51 1/2 inch upright model US-75 built in 1987. This piano features agraffes throughout the mid section and the bass section. Agraffes function to provide precise termination of the speaking length and help produce clarity in the tone. It has a big base and a crisp treble. It comes with a five year warranty, a matching bench and a free tuning. This piano is also equipped with a muting strip and a full sostenuto. The sostenuto allows the player to isolate sustained notes by depressing the middle pedal. All for just $3,350!

Baldwin 49 inch upright. $3,350

This piano was built in the USA in the year 2000. It has a big bass and a clear toned treble that fulfills all the tonal requirements that you would expect from a similar Yamaha or Kawai.

The cabinet is designed with two music shelves so that the front face can be removed and you will still have a music shelf to use while watching the hammers. The action is light and responsive and the finish is in good shape. It has been regulated, tuned and voiced for your musical enjoyment.

Knabe Grand Piano - $7,850 - SOLD

Manufactured in 1987, this piano has a beautiful singing tone and a beautifully reconditioned finish. It measures 5’7″ in length and comes with a matching bench, a five-year warranty, and a free in-home tuning and Custom Action Leverage Design. It has been regulated, tuned, and voiced by master piano technician, Dan Skelley.

It’s a steal at $7,850!

Sohmer Studio Upright $2,900 Now just $1,990!

Sohmer! One of the most well-respected names in the American piano industry. This piano lives up to its reputation. Beautifully restored finish, French provincial cabinet style, comes with bench. 46″ studio upright with a beautiful tone quality. Tuned, regulated, and voiced by Skelley Piano registered piano technician. Compare to Kawai and Yamaha at half the price.

Bush & Lane Upright - $7,040 SOLD

Magnificent Bush and Lane 56″upright built in 1924 and completely rebuilt by one of America’s top piano rebuilders, Del Fandrich. The book matched burled walnut cabinet has been refinished with hand rubbed lacquer. The soundboard has been treated with our unique surface hardening technology. The bridges have been re-notched, the strings and the tuning pins are new and the stringing scale has been redesigned for a more even tonal response. The hammers and dampers and hammer butts have been replaced using the finest parts available. Please contact us for more information on this one of a kind instrument.

Baldwin M Grand Piano 1948 - $6,500 - SOLD!

  • 5’3″ Satin Walnut finish
  • Reconditioned finish
  • Restored ivory keyboard
  • Tuned-regulated-voiced
  • Great classic Baldwin sound

Baldwin Acrosonic - $1,800 - SOLD!

Book-matched walnut in French provincial cabinet. Beautiful finish. Reconditioned by Dan to be in excellent musical condition. Designed with stylish details.

 P.S. Wick Rebuilt Small Grand Piano - $7,950 NOW on sale for $6000 - SOLD

This 4′ 10-1/2″ P.S. Wick grand was built in 1925. Its simple construction reflects the technologies of the day. It has now been completely rebuilt by Delwin D. Fandrich, and several performance-enhancing changes have been made.

The sound of this piano is evocative of the “golden age” of American piano manufacturing. The initial sound is bright and clear but without the harshness typical of contemporary small grand pianos It has excellent sustain. The dynamic range of the piano is excellent with a warm, clear pianissimo and a strong, bright forte. The piano is best suited to a small to mid-sized venue such as a small to medium size music room, choir room, or small sanctuary.

The mahogany casework and finish are original, hand-rubbed, and in very good condition

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