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For expert piano tuning you can count on, contact very experienced Skelley Piano in University Place. With the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to tune your piano correctly, we’re dedicated to superior service. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, your fine instrument couldn’t be in better hands. Contact us today to see out why we’re the first choice for so many pianists in the South Sound region!

Piano Tuning Master

As a master tuner for over 40 years, Registered Piano Technician Dan Skelley uses state-of-the-art electronic tuning equipment to make your piano sounds great. The combination of a well-trained ear and sophisticated electronics produces the best tuning results possible, and Dan’s goal is to produce clarity and sustained resonance from your fine instrument. The basic charge for a tuning is $165. As time permits, he also approaches every tuning session as an opportunity to fully service you piano. So if a piano has not been tuned in well over a year, there is sometimes an extra charge to adjust the pedals, make sure the keys are all working with minimal friction and to make sure the hammers are properly fitted to the strings etc. This is usually an extra $30.. You can also count on us for expert piano restoration and custom action leverage design services, as well as new and used piano sales.

How Often Should You Tune Your Piano?

If you’re a regular player, you should schedule piano turning services every six to twelve months. If it’s been more than a year since your piano was last tuned, it may require additional attention and pitch correction. Depending on the condition of the instrument, this additional process could result in an extra charge.

Voicing Expert

Skelley Piano Tuning Services in University Place. Most musicians rely on their technique and years of study to produce beautiful tones and melodies from their instruments. But with a stringed instrument like a piano, tone quality is also heavily influenced by its optimization in a tuning session.

Many pianists consider voicing to be little more than inserting needles into hammers to change tone quality. While this is partially true, there are very few technicians who perform the procedures needed prior to needling, and this often prevents the piano from producing its sweetest possible sound. All the strings must first be properly seated on their bearing points, and hammers must be properly shaped, level at their apexes, and fitted to hit all three strings simultaneously. Correct hammer fitting promotes sustained and clear tonal power. Only after these preparations are made can the piano be optimally tuned and regulated and the tone-building process begun.

Only an experienced concert technician knows the exact placement and depth of the needle to achieve optimal results. Dan Skelley’s experience comes from years of working on and tuning Steinways, and from the deep level of training he received at the Steinway factory in New York.

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Registered Piano Tuning Expert in University Place

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