Good Reasons to Purchase a Used Piano in Kent

used pianoAre you interested in purchasing a used piano in Kent, Washington? Generally considered a starter instrument, pianos are extremely popular. They’re also usually quite expensive. While a new piano is truly something special to behold, not everyone is ready to make such a large financial commitment. This is especially true for individuals just learning to play. As a result, many people turn to used piano sales as a more viable option. There are several good reasons to pursue this course of action. Keep this information in mind as you decide what’s best for you and your household.


The main reason to consider purchasing a used piano is the price. It’s also relatively inexpensive to hire a piano professional to perform the necessary piano tuning services afterward.

Aged Sound

A used piano that has been well maintained will have a unique, aged sound. A piano technician can help bring these tones out after a simple tune-up.

Value Depreciates Very Little

Unlike many other investments, the value of a used piano doesn’t depreciate much over time. With proper piano maintenance and repair, you’ll probably be able to sell it later for close to what you pay now. Rebuilding an old piano can also increase its overall value.

Interested in Buying a Used Piano in Kent?

Are you interested in buying a used piano in Kent, Washington? Now that you know why doing so is a good idea, it’s time to discuss options with a professional. Skelley Piano in University Place offers superior used and new piano sales and services. Clients throughout the region also depend on Dan Skelley for custom action leverage design (CALD), piano repair or piano restoration. Over the last 40 years, Dan’s developed a reputation for providing expert advice, beautiful products and quality workmanship. With deep roots in the community, he’s dedicated to first-rate service and customer care.

Used Piano Sales in Kent

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