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Ritmüller - GH148R

Ritmüller - GH160R

Ritmüller - GH170R

Ritmüller - UH118R

Ritmüller - UH121R

Ritmüller - GH188R

Ritmüller - GH212R

Ritmüller - GH275R

Ritmüller - UH121RA

Ritmüller - UH132R


Pearl River - GP275

Pearl River - GP160

Pearl River - GP150SP

Pearl River - GP150

Pearl River - EU110

Pearl River - EU111PA

Pearl River - EU111PB

Pearl River - EU111PC

Pearl River - UP115E

Pearl River - GP212

Pearl River - GP188A

Pearl River - GP170

Pearl River - UP115M5

Pearl River - EU118S

Pearl River - EU122

Pearl River - EU122S

Pearl River - EU131

Our Pianos

Ritmuller and Pearl River pianos, both made in the Pearl River factory, are our two hand-picked makes for highest possible quality at their respective price points.

Dan has used a lifetime of experience as a piano technician to cherry-pick these exceptional pianos. His choices are based on his high standards for:

Tone Quality

  • Even tone
  • Musical and beautiful tone
  • Not too bright, tinny, or dull

Touch Weight

  • Playability
  • Evenly weighted keys
  • Not too heavy or too light
  • Good repetition
  • Ergonomic touch for injury free practice


  • Favorably compare to others twice the price and more

Ritmuller Artist, Dr. Kristina Henckel, bought her Ritmuller Grand (GH 170R) from Skelley Piano. She has recently completed her doctorate in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and continues to be a sought after performer and teacher.

She says:
"Ritmuller’s superior sound and touch allow me the complete artistic freedom I desire."

Here is what concert pianists such as Robyn Carmichael are saying about the Ritmullers at Skelley Piano

It was my pleasure to try two outstanding Ritmuller grand pianos at my recent concerts: the Ritmuller GH 188 R on the Up for Arts Series at University Place and the Ritmuller GH 170 R at Bethany Presbyterian Church Series in Tacoma.

I had never played a Ritmuller before, and was very curious about this relatively new brand from Pearl River. I was extremely surprised to find a very responsive action and excellent sound quality in both instruments. Dan Skelley of Skelley Piano did absolutely superb work as the technician for both as well. Both models had medium/light touch with the type of up-weight buoyancy that propels and supports you to the next key, with the GH 170 having just a bit more resistance, which is just my preference, with the down weight. Both had a very quick repeating action for something like the Scarlatti sonata K. 141, which is often a challenge for many pianos. The GH 188 had a remarkably big sound, helped along by the Hall's live acoustics. The bass was rich, middle range even and treble voicing bright, but not overly so. Pedals for both models were quiet, easy to operate and sensitive to various levels. The GH 170 had a lovely warm tone, also helped along by the church's acoustics with carpeted floor and high ceilings. In short, I found both pianos to be outstanding examples of their brand and greatly look forward to playing a Ritmuller grand piano again!

Kind regards,

Robyn Carmichael


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